More thoughts on Elohim

You know today as I sat here considering the wonderful qualities of our great God I thought to myself… wow, God must really be so hoping we get this quality of Him. I mean think of it this way, all of Creation is under His copyright, no matter who evolutionist ascribe the beauty and intricacies of creation to it belongs to our God… “(c) before the World Began, Elohim”. Then, I thought and in heaven, instead of a birth certificate – we have a Psalm 139 certificate – a whole notebook style file with all our spiritual firsts recorded and maybe a few discipline slips to boot I am sure – though by the time we get there they will be long since gone – even before the day we were born. He is sovereign, sending rain on the just and the unjust. He is holy, unable to stand or tolerate sin or unrighteousness – even His glory passing by would knock us dead if we looked upon His face. Can you fathom it? I mean really?

As I do, I look to heaven, even on a dark and dreary day like this where bad news seems to loom ever present in the air and cry out, “I am so unworthy, Lord, but so grateful you would love me so much that everything in my life, whether Good or Bad would drive me straight into a more personal and deeply meaningful life with YOU!”

Elohim, Master Artist, Sculptor, Designer and Creator… Copyright owner to the entire Earth and all the heavens, too. He before we ever have a thought stamps His brand on our best ministry ideas, every word we write to honor Him, and even those times of deepest agony have His mark if we seek Him through it… now that is what life is really all about! My Elohim, God Most High!


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