New Layout ISSUES! Yuck…

(UPDATE: As You Can See…. I did not change too much! It was way too complicated… anyone who can suggest help… please do so! I am definitely in a quandry!)

I’ll be back soon to work on my layout… having yuck problems with getting it to cooperate with me. Yippee! I am going to get this down pretty soon!!!


2 thoughts on “New Layout ISSUES! Yuck…

  1. Michelle,
    Thanks for tagging me BFF. What you wrote was amazing and brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the many emails back and forth… and the prayers etc.. Sister one day we will meet, weather it be here or in glory.. many hugs and blessings to you!

  2. Christine Caine was awesome last year at PINK IMPACT and if I can, I will so be there! Did you do the She Speaks…you just had to do it cause you write so well … I’ll scroll down and see… I wrote one last night…have you ever gone to one before? i have never heard of it…love you michelle! Bev

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