HEY YA’LL! (I know yelling is not excellent ettiquette – but anyway!)

Lysa over at Proverbs 31 is asking for help! She wants a few to read through the posts about the Conference Contest and to send her an email with your favorite. I would so like to win this, but you can vote for whomever you find most deserving.

The following is a quote from Lysa’s site:

“So, if you have a spare moment, or 2, or 45 will you read through some of the linked posts today and send me an e-mail with a few of your favorites?
I’ll then collect all of everyone’s favorites, combine them with my panel’s favorites, toss their numbers in a baggie and PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!”

Proverbs 31 blog

One thought on “SHE SPEAKS UPDATE!

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Just checking in today to say hello and hope all is going well with you.
    The weather here in OK has been a little crazy. It was beautiful all weekend….springlike and today I woke up early to thunder and lightning and it’s much colder.
    Hope you have a great Tues.

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