El Shaddai – Face Down Before Him

I will be back later to post the meat of my message and my word study. I have been overwhlemed with a writing challenge and some things God has shown me today about a particular writing project that has stalled out for me. No Excuses. The post will be complete today. However, I just want to ask you to read the Scripture references (Genesis 17:1-18, Psalm 92) and ask yourself:

How has God revealed Himself and His power and might in such a way as it put me face down before Him?

Please post your responses. Feel free to take this question to your own blog and provide a link back to this discussion.

I will return soon with a final word on El Roi and a new Word on El Shaddai! God Almighty!

One thought on “El Shaddai – Face Down Before Him

  1. Too many to count…but how He totally carried me through my divorce. It was like I was in ICU and He was the doctor who stayed by my bedside until I could make it. Truly…I’m still facedown when I think of how tender He was to me.

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