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Hey there Friends! I just wanted to let ya’ll know about a great online Christian Newspaper. They have devotions, articles – they are really just a start-up paper and I found out about them when they requested permission to provide a link to my blog. I subscribed. They are looking to build up a subscriber base on the internet with a goal of being published in print someday. I believe that they have a numeric goal, but cannot remember the exact total they are shooting for – my brain is tired! Anyway! Please visit, check out their links and if you subscribe list my blog and my name as the referral site. It is a great way for us to get connected.
Check it out here: The Inspirational Times. There is also a link in my side menu.

One thought on “Online Christian Newspaper

  1. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. I checked out the newspaper. It looks great. I may suscribe. I also loved your Bible Study on the names of God. I have this book and love it. I would love to be included. I don’t know that I can post every Wed. because I teach Bible Study on that day too and children have dance and TKD so it is very busy but I can give it a shot.
    Hope you will visit again soon. I’ll definitely be back.

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