P. S. I got caught in a Texas blizzard…

Hey ya’ll! I just had to share that last night after my class at church that I came out to an very cold and wet snow all over my beloved Impala. I got in and realized the entire right side and it’s windows had approximately an inch of snow mounted on them. The back window was no better. All I could do was zip up my sweatshirt to my neck and hop out with the small hand scraper I had in the door and knock the fluffy, wet, white mounds off my windows.
I hastily got back in the car praying that the heater would work in record speed. God help me… I was cold. I slipped and slided (not a real word but I like it…) all over the parking lot until I finally made it to the road and then was able to drive easily up to the stop light, though I thought I might slide right into the car in front of me when I tried to stop. It was about this time I realized that though my headlights were on – they were casting no light in front of my car!
I realized… I forgot to knock the inch or so of snow that was covering them off when I uncovered the windows. I pulled into the gas station at the next corner and hopped out making haste again as I launched the winter white off the headlights and hustled back into the driver’s seat to white knuckle may way back up Hwy 114 toward home. I was much surprised when I got to Trophy Club and headed up Hwy 170 to I-35 – the snow just stopped. The road was wet and a little slick, but the snow was all but non-existent there. I laughed aloud after calming my frazzled nerves… Only a mile between the two spots I went from rapid snow fall to no snow at all! March in Texas, if you don’t like the weather – wait a minute! (Yes, it is not lost on me that yesterday I was posting about Thunderstorms and tornadoes!) God has a sense of humor, oh yes He does! He is on the throne and in control and I thank Him that he spared me yet again!

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