Life in the Fresh Lane…

Our wonderful little town has the most convenient, exciting place that I have encountered in recent days. This little place, “The Fresh Lane,” had occasion to make me very happy not too many days ago.
It was Thursday afternoon and a strange North Texas Blizzard was in full swing. The snowflakes literally looked like snowballs falling from the sky and thudding against my windshield as I meandered my way along side streets and through backroads trying to avoid the heavy traffic on the freeway after a meeting at church. I was so excited about the cold wet globs of snow falling from the sky, but not anticipating with great joy the trek I was going to have to make through the parking lot and the SNOW into Wal-Mart to buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk that I had put off for too long. I knew I would be freezing and that the trek could prove dangerous if the ground had any ice on it at all.
That is when I remember the little tan hut on the corner of Main and McLeroy. It has a brightly lit sign and rolling kiosk advertising a variety of grocery items and their prices. It has a covered drive through on the east and west sides of the building and it was – yes, ON. MY. WAY. HOME!
I eased my car into the driveway and pulled up to the sliding glass door. There, in the wonderful warmth of my car, I ordered my loaf of bread and gallon of milk and had them delivered to me for less than I would have paid at yea old Wal-Mart. I didn’t even have to unbuckle my seat belt or kill the engine. In a matter of minutes I had my last minute grocery purchase and was on my way HOME! The woman delivered all of this service with great speed and a smile and I was very much grateful that she had literally saved me a slip, a fall or a frozen toe or two. Thank you Lord for the Fresh Lane! I mean – who’d of thunk it? A drive through grocery store! I must say the Fresh Lane is vying for a position called, “MY. NEW. BEST. FRIEND.” Well, My next best friend, anyway. Next to Jesus who must have inspired the idea just for me… do you really think so?

3 thoughts on “Life in the Fresh Lane…

  1. How convenient is that??? Isn’t life just GREAT sometimes. HA!

    I’d be popping into that place all the time especially in crummy weather. Are we American or WHAT? Terrible. HA! I love drive thrus and use them when I feel bad. We have one for dry cleaning, and smoothies, and all kinds of crazy things. Hadn’t found the milk and bread kind of place yet though but I am SURE it would be a huge sucess.
    Your weather is hopefully better now..we are right after you all for storms so I usually watch Texas to see what is about to HIT us. Ugh…
    Thanks for visiting my site the other day Michelle. Sorry it took me so long to get back with you.
    Nice to meet you and I will chat with you some more later on!
    Be blessed,

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