100th POST

**UPDATE** Hey ALL! SUSAN at Forever His is the 100th comment poster on my blog! What has Susan won, you might be asking… and I’m gonna’ tell you! A “Wake Up the World” CD by Gateway Worship! Yippee! You can purchase a copy of this cd at the Gateway Resources Worship Website. To check out the Gateway Worship Promo from Integrity Music try this link.

Yippee! I have posted my hundredth blog post today! The previous post to this one was number 100. So in honor of my 100th post why don’t we come up with something related to 100 that we can praise the Lord for … I’ll start, thank you for 100 thoughts that spawned 100 posts! I’m so excited and grateful for this very day!

Blessings! P.S. For the person who posted the 100th comment on my blog I am going to send a very special gift… I will be back in a while to let you know who the lucky winner is and request your very special address so that I can get you your gift! Blessings again!

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