Because I Am In A Giving Mood…

Hey Friends… wow, I have posted more today than I have in months it would seem. I hope you will read through and catch up with me. Okay, so in my last post I gave my 100th poster a copy of the Gateway Worship CD “Wake Up the World.” Gateway Worship is my church’s praise and worship team, but they are also my favorite worship music to just get alone with God and all. All of these songs were written by members of our church worship team and staff. “Wake Up the World” has moving (as in jump up and down moving) worship songs as well as soul stirring songs that will reach the deepest places of your walk with God. So… In the Spirit of Giving… I am giving away another Gateway Worship CD!!!

Here is what I am asking you to do: Go to Gateway Worship’s MySpace and listen to the tracks and post which one is your favorite in a comment. I will leave the comments open for one WEEK! The Contest Will officially end on Monday, April 28th. The winner will be selected by random drawing!

So enjoy the music and let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Because I Am In A Giving Mood…

  1. So good to have you back Michelle! I went to the site and my favorite is “Beautiful”! It expresses exactly where I am in my walk with the Lord right now. I do just want to “wait on you my God” and “dwell in who You are”. He is teaching me what it means to trust in HIM ALONE!! “Beautiful” is an awesome song of worship that will help one focus on the Lord.

  2. I saw your question about spreading word about your giveaway. Go to this link See if you can still get in on the blog carnival. Read the guidelines for complete instructions. Otherwise you can try some promotional sites like Contest Blogger. Look around. Also get your blogging friends to promote your giveaway. Make it easy to win. People won’t jump through many hoops unless your’re giving away $1000 or something really valuable.

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