Do You Relate?

Tonight at church we heard a very thought provoking message about God – who He is and how He desires us to relate to HIM!

I could barely grasp what the speak meant, until he gave us three solid points! 1. God is God, 2. Jesus is God, and 3. The Holy Spirit is God.

God is God, in three distinct personalities. God desires that we relate to Him in all three persons on the same level. Kind of the way we love our kids – for those of us who have children or maybe how we relate to our parents for those of us with good solid relationships with our parents. We love them both equally, we desire to be close to them and to know them well, but our relationships manifest and revolve around different things.

He read Mark 12:30 this way, “Love the Lord Your God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.”

Now the question is which part of the Godhead do you relate to the most? I really had to think about it… and ten or so years ago, I would have told you “the Father.” However, that relationship was nominal at best. Then, within the last three or four years I would tell you “Jesus more so than the Father…” and the Holy Spirit – NOT AT ALL????

But tonight, I had a revelation – not of God as He is: Father, Son and Spirit…. But, Of how I relate to Him! He showed me beautifully my relationship and the fullness of it as I scribbled out the words of my notes and sang and prayed tonight. He showed me that in worship I glorify and exalt the Father, I thank and praise the Son, Jesus, and I cry out for the Holy Spirit to come to us, to join us and to fall upon us in fresh revelation and truth. That took me to a new place, my Bible study of the names of God. I am learning to relate to God based on who He says He is, and primarily in this study I am learning to relate to and identify the attributes and qualities of the Father as He has and always will eternally exist. I fully intend to join God in studying the names of Jesus after I finish with the names of God. Then, since there really is no book on the names of the Holy Spirit – I am going to study the Holy Spirit and how He is identified throughout the Bible. All things being equal, I want to do this… I want to Know Him Fully, to be COMPLETELY HIS… I say it everyday, and part of being completely His is loving all of Him – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – with all of me – Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength! Amen… Amen.


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  1. This aspect of God has always fascinated me. When I was a child it was mostly the Father that I thought of. I remember feeling badly at times because I didn’t often think of Jesus when I prayed but more of God the Father. Then it seemed it was more Jesus in my mind as a teen and young adult…now it seems that they are both there together as one that I cannot separate. I stll have a hard time with the Holy Spirit. I tend to think of Him more as a power and a force than another actual person…but that relationship is growing too as time passes. Enjoyed your musings!

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