TAG! You’re It!

My Friend, Twinkle, tagged me for a fun MEME that goes like this…

I am to post 6 unimportant things about myself, and then tag 6 other people.
But first, the rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you. (In my case, that would be *-*TWINKLE*-* )
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your entry.
Here are my 6 unimportant things:
1. I hate my fifth grade picture…
If I had a copy of it well, I’d show you but I burned the thing – it didn’t even look like me.
2. My hair has not been anything close to my natural color for at least five years now.
3. I laugh out loud and a lot at grief support group. And if I sit by my friend, Mary, (we’ve been grieving our sons for almost the same number of months – she is 2 months further along than I am) we laugh doubly loud! We are not allowed to sit together much! Imagine…
4. I do NOT watch AMERICAN IDOL… I know… I know… its almost sacrilegious… but, I just can’t do it. SOOOOO…. I Read All About It On Other People’s BlogsHere’s a shout out to Boo Mama and Fry Daddy who keep me totally up to date on the whole American Idol issue!
5. I rarely, if ever listen to SECULAR MUSIC! On 9/11 we listened to the reports at work on a local Christian Radio Station all day, I switched the station in our truck that afternoon and found that when I tried to switch it back… I could not really stand to listen to what was there!
6. Last but not least… I’m an OLDEST child. So, I was the test-child… yes, it is true so if you were wondering — most of my problems are experimental! LOL!
Okay… All-the… All-the… Oxen Free! (Just Kidding!)
So TAG! You’re now it…
2. Bodacious Boomama (I was gonna’ say Audacious but it don’t start with a B)
Thanks Twinkle for including me in this fun bloggy game of tag! All I ask is if I tagged you, please keep this going by Tagging 6 More… Be Blessed and have FUN!

6 thoughts on “TAG! You’re It!

  1. I PROMISE I will do this….
    I have some very RANDOM things to put out there about myself….but give me some TIME girl….I’ve got TOO many irons in the fire…but I PROMISE I will do it!!

    It was my 4th grade pic that is a disaster….the kids won’t let me burn it..they say that it should remind me that I look BETTER old!
    HA!! love them!
    great list!!
    thanks for the tag!!

  2. I’ll do it soon on my blog…
    but here’s a quick overview
    #1 – My parents and brother never went to high school.
    #2 – We spoke sign language in our home growing up.
    #3 – Half of my children live in other countries.
    #4 – One of my children is at The World Cup in Korea tonight competing for the U.S.
    #5 – I had too many bike accidents in college and campus police took my bike away from me.
    #6 – I grew up in New Orleans where you suck the heads of crawfish and swallow raw oysters whole.

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