More Grieving Families…

I learned over at the Siesta Fiesta blog that yet another prominent Christian music family is suffering the loss of a child. The loss is actually two – The band is Selah, and Nicol Sponberg’s son died in his sleep this week and his visitation and memorial service will be tomorrow. Please be in prayer for them. The story deepens the grief. Apparently within recent weeks this family sufferred yet another loss. Todd Smith, Nicol’s brother, and his wife’s baby Audrey Caroline died as well.

I can imagine what they are going through within a month of us burying Justin, my cousin’s newborn baby was delivered premature and died within hours of her birth. It is hard enough to bury one child in a family, but to feel the onslaught of death leveled against your children in so short a time… It is overwhelming. Please be in prayer for this family as well as the SCC family and their loss of Maria. I know God has a plan and He is working in all of these situations to bring glory to Himself and good to these families and His children as a whole.

Please specifically pray for the breaking of any assignment the enemy has leveled against the children of God’s beloved Church. That death is not God’s will for these children, He has a plan for them with a future and a hope. I pray that each child who is born to a family of the body of Christ would be protected and delivered to a long, prosperous and glorious generation of Spirit-Filled, united believers in Jesus Christ. In His glorious Name, I pray!

You can read more about Audrey and Luke HERE.

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