It is finished…

Okay… So I have not written anything in OH SO LONG! Well, of course unless you count the 100 or so pages of Bible Study I just completed and the fifty or so more of leader guide to go with it. OH MY! I had no idea what it would take, but I am grateful to say I finished it in a MONTH! Four weeks. It is not the in-depth style of study that Bethie writes, but it is a Session Lesson with four or five activities for the week along with handouts and such to help them along the way! Oh Glory… I can barely stand it – now September 17th must, must, must hurry up and get here! MUST!

And, I have 6 whole days before I converge with 100s of other women in San Antonio for the LPL SIESTA FIESTA! You can read all about us here.

Be sure to pick up one of our Siesta Cookbooks – I think I submitted a recipe or two. ;o)

Well, I will be back later with some fabulous post about what I’ll be wearing, how I am traveling and so on but for now – I am just going to bid you adieu and say hasta la vista, baby!

I’m BI-LINGUAL… If only in goodbyes.


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