Marching in the tops of the trees…

Bible TreeDo you hear it?
That rustling in the leaves. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)
Can I just tell you that we had several small earthquakes in North Texas over the weekend? Okay, I know there is a fault line that runs through Texas and I think into the central plains, but the geologists and seismologists have long said there is no reason to worry about the earth shaking that has taken place in other parts of the world because the fissure was minor in comparison to faults in the western coastal regions of North America. I guess they, like the weatherman, have been wrong. Earthquakes. Seriously 911 got calls about people’s pictures falling off the walls and no one realized it was an earthquake.
I hear it.
In 1 Samuel 5 and 1 Chronicles 14… God told King David when the Philistines came against him the first time in this account that he should go out and fight because the Lord was with them. So they went out and fought and the battle was won. The Philistines even left their idols in the valley in their hasty retreat.
However, the Philistines obviously decided that the Israelites were definitely not going to have the last word. Even though their idols were burning in the valley with the Israelites. I sort of see the camps of David’s fighting men warming their hands as those idols burned in their campfires.
So the Philistines amassed another strategy of attack. David again asked the Lord if they should go out and fight… God said, No. Go AROUND the MOUNTAIN and surprise them from behind. So David did, and again the battle was won.
The one thing God told David to do: Wait for the marching to be heard in the tops of the trees.
Marching in the tops of trees. Birds on Parade? NO! It was the angels, assembling to do battle. The archangels went out against the fallen angels and preceded David’s army in the victory.
As this election season draws to a climax tomorrow – remember one thing. This battle belongs to God – He usually does not fight conventionally. He usually sends out a choir and a trumpet section rather than an army to fight. Tonight, as you go to bed – listen for the angels in heaven asking, “Do we have enough Prayer Coverage?” (From one of Frank Perretti’s books, “Piercing the Darkness” or “This Present Darkness.”) Pray throughout this night and tomorrow. Don’t pray a candidate’s name, pray a repentant heart for the condition of this nation, pray for honor, integrity, truth and stewardship to be the heart of the next President of this United States and pray most of all for the man who takes office on January 20th to have a heart devoted and pure before the Lord.
Do you hear the marching in the tops of the trees? There is a great battle in the heavenlies this night for the future of this nation… PRAY. Do not lose heart my friends. If God be for us, who can be against us? His promises are true. He always preserves a remnant of the faithful and He will never let His people be put to shame. He will restore His favor to this land and no longer allow us to be a reproach to the nations. I’ve been praying the book of Joel for the elections. God is doing something mighty and it will result in revival. I believe it to be¬†true.
Lord God, be with the hearts of Your people tonight and through the next 24 hours as we watch Your plans and will unfold in this election. I pray for peace, for truth and for most of all Your presence to be felt in every heart. We come before You asking for Clean Hands and a Pure Heart. God let us not turn our hearts to idols, let us not get our eyes fixed on circumstances or people, but seek first Your kingdom and righteousness.
Lord, over and over I have heard you say – “Trust in Me, My daughter, with all Your heart. Lean not to Your own understanding because My ways are truly higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts… Commit your path to Me and I will make the way straight for you. I love you my child, the righteous have never been forsaken and I will preserve even Your life if You will serve me with all Your heart.”
I hear You saying this to our nation tonight, Lord. I hear You saying the time is coming when You will put the sickle to the harvest of wickedness as the multitudes come before You in the valley of decision. You will then restore and resurrect Your church and Your people. You will pour out Your Spirit on all peoples and the gifts of the Spirit will be made manifest in every life. You did it before Lord, and I believe You will do it again. A double portion restoration will come as You bring in the harvest sewn by our ForeFathers when they included You in every detail of planning this country and every aspect of governing her future. You are bringing in the sheaves for us by sending us the blessing for Latter Rain. I believe in You. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayers tonight. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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