Note to self…

Don’t listen to your daughters!
Okay… If we want to talk about re-inventing one’s self… Let’s try on this little transformation over the last few years!
Fall 2004

Fall 2005
December 2005
January 2006
December 2007

June 2008

July 2008

August 2008


If you are laughing at me now… Don’t feel lonely – I must look like a totally superficial fool!

If anyone out there can pick out the other changes… Besides the hair… My appearance has had over the last four years… Hint there are at least two!…. I have an awesome Christmas CD from Kari Jobe for you! (GOOD LUCK!) Now… I’m really laughing.

8 thoughts on “Note to self…

  1. I think you look younger, too! I like the haircut.
    Ways you look different…
    you have a look of inner peace. A spirit of grace and joy.
    Christ looks good on you!

  2. Hey Michelle,

    First off, love your new blog look.

    I also enjoyed all your changes, gosh, I’m boring. I look the same over all the years. I need to hang out with you!

    I loved your jacket, come on girlfriend, you’re looking good.

    Wow, Kari Jobe has a CHRISTMAS CD, hmmmm, what’s the title. I need this!!!

    Love you…

    OH, I’m having a give away too, hop on over!

  3. You look fabulous Michelle! Your jewlrey and outfit rock! I still remember what I said after we first met and I saw how *stylin* you were- I am changin’ my outfit. You’ve got style and flair! The new do looks great on you!

    Please tell me what’s different – You look confident and joyful and at peace, like you’ve been released!

    Go do what He has intended for you to do!

    Much, much love,

  4. You have been a blonde, a brunet ,red head, long and medium lengths. OK do tell which has more fun. To look at you today as Twinkle said, the joy of the Lord shines as your strengthm. You choose well when you said you chose life. Live it out pressing to the high calling Of your Redeemer King
    Love Celie

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