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Hey All You Fun Bloggy Peoples You…

Well I’m jumping right on in at the Internet Cafe and hosting a Christmas Give-A-Way.

I will be picking FOUR lucky winners from those who would like to comment about the best OR worst WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT you’ve every received at a holiday Christmas party. So leave me a note about that gift and you’re entered to win. Two of the bloggy winners will receive Kari Jobe’s Christmas CD “Bethlehem” .

The other two winners will receive a great gift for your teen son or husband – or even the youth pastor at church! A DVD of testimonies of professional football or baseball players (Football: “Power to Win” featuring Ladamian Tomlinson, Lorenzo Neal, Kassim Osgood, Norv Turner, and Miles McPherson) and “Reversing the Curse” with stories of faith from the 2004 Season. These DVDs were actually a gift to me from Athlete’s In Action who hosts the annual Superbowl Breakfast. In 2006, Tony Dungy shared his testimony of how his son, Jamie’s death affected his family and strengthened his faith – which I wrote about on my Heart to Heart blog a few months ago. Shawn from Athletes in Action happened to read my post and eventually through emails I ended up receiving several DVDs of sports professionals and their testimonies. So… I’m passing the blessing along to you.

I always had an issue with “Stealing” presents at Christmas time… and DON’T even get me started about POKENO in the Family Life Center… LOL! Of course it was a great way to have fun and fellowship and I’m just kidding… I just wish we could call it “involuntary sharing” or something like that!

So… I’ll go first. Every year my husband and I would attend the adult Christmas party at church and of course it was WHITE ELEPHANT. One year, and I am not even kidding, I got a used water hose with a re-assembled Dollar Gen*ral packaging attached. Fortunately dear husband always chose near the end and that year he got the MOST adorable pair of Kirkland’s snowmen who were swinging suspended from a fir arch with snow sparkling all about. If I could find that pair of snowmen… I’d definitely post a picture. But, I’m thinking they may very well be hidden in all the junk in my garage. Someday… hopefully soon… I will get rid of all that junk and have a place to park. Someday…

So join the fun by stopping by the Cafe Holiday Expo and joining in the fun! Oh and don’t forget to leave me a comment! Oh Joy! Tis the season to be bloggy! Fa-la-la-la-la… la-la-la-LAH! Just click on the link, stop by. Put your feet up and grab a cup of comfort and a relaxed, yet godly look at life!


18 thoughts on “Holiday Expo at the Internet Cafe

  1. You have such a fun way with words! Anyway, the worst White Elephant gift I’ve ever gotten was an old eight-track tape of I don’t even remember who, some obscure person I’d never heard of. My little two-year old ex-foster-son was helping me pick the presents and he thought it was the best thing ever, so I was able to send it home with him. I’m sure his parents loved that. πŸ™‚

  2. I actually got a plastic leg, a la “A Christmas Story”, believe it or not!!!

    (I am currently living in Indonesia but am a US resident and have a US mailing address.)

  3. The best white elephant gift I ever received was a $25 gift card to the local grocery store. It was wrapped like it had been tossed under a truck. So no one wanted it. I was the last to get it. SURPRISE! It was great.

  4. I’m having a hard timer loading your page, and would really love to read what you have to say!
    Count me in for the giveaway and I’ll be back later to see if your blog loads right! Blessings…

  5. What comes to mind is a pair of red long johns that I received at my husband’s work Christmas party years ago. I was so embarrassed because I didn’t really know these people and I was pretty shy at the time.
    Probably the funniest white elephant we have given is a set of old dentures. πŸ™‚

  6. My Honey and son would love this! I really hate while elephant parties, but my SIL gave me a whole stack of those awful plastic cups that her hubby had collected from different sporting events, but I gave them back to her the next year… It’s a curse from having hubby and son that LOVE sporting events and just HAVE to bring home those cursed cups!

    The best White Elephant gift we ever got was a gift certificate to a candy store at the mall – we go to church with the manager and the kids were thrilled!

  7. I’m back, and finally the page loaded for me with my slow dial-up internet!

    The worst white elephant Christmas gift I ever received has to be the box of snowmen made out of marshmallows. They were really cute but begininng to get moldy!!!
    Never knew marshmallows could go bad, don’t think the giver did either.

  8. The worst one I ever got was a hideous frog photo frame. It looked like something that would give a child nightmares. Thanks for the contest!


  9. You know, I can’t even THINK of a white elephant gift I’ve gotten at Christmastime. Maybe I just block out things like that LOL. Would love the prize (My husband’s high school English teacher was Tony Dungy’s mother :D). Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. We do the while elephant or chinese gift exchange (whatever you want to call it) every year at my work and we have a blast doing it! Everyone has a blast trying to steal the best gifts. But last year people kept stealing my good gifts over and over and in the end I got stuck with this thing that no one even knew what it was. The guy who gave it said it was a wine bottle ornament but for an ornament it was HUGE and had these tacky tassles and none of us really knew what to do with it!


  11. I got a travel coffee cup last year. Beautiful purple color. One of the men got a nail care set though. πŸ™‚ There was one year that the folding chairs in the bag were the thing that kept going around (being stolen).

  12. Oh my, what great give a ways.

    I’d LOVE that CD, and those vidoes! Come on girlfriend!

    Let’s see, bad gift, candy…that was STALE!! YUK!!!

    Oh well, it’s the thought that counts right.

    Blessings my sweet friendβ™₯

  13. One year at work I picked a bag from a co-worker who smokes—heavily. And the gift was a fleece blanket. I never used the blanket. I think it made it to a yard sale eventually.

  14. I can’t think of any bad white elephant gifts that I’ve received. I’ve only participated in a few of those exchanges and nothing horrible is coming to mind. I’d love to win your CD giveaway though. Please enter my name. Merry Christmas

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