Is Anything Too Hard For God?

I included Jeremiah 32:6-27 in my post yesterday. I was sitting at Chik-fil-a drinking lemonade and trying to wrap my mind around the thing while flipping to Jeremaih 33 when I saw Jeremiah 32 and this “heading:” Jeremiah purchases a piece of land. I thought…. HMMMM!
So I read the chapter and my heart started racing and my head felt as if it might spin. This passage is for us. When I came to the last two verses, I just felt like jumping up and down. I didn’t because that in Chik-fil-a might get you asked to leave.

26 Then came the word of the Lord to Jeremiah, saying,
27 Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for Me?

Jeremiah 32:6-27 (AMP)

Jeremiah receives word from the Lord to buy a piece of property from his cousin in the land of Benjamin. Jeremiah does as the Lord bids him to do. He purchases the land without any trouble at all. Then he has the documents placed in a jar to be preserved to mark out the great thing the Lord had done.


Why was Jeremiah buying a piece of property that he had a familial right to purchase and possess mark such a remarkable occasion?

Because it didn’t make sense. No one was buying property in Judah and Jerusalem at that time. Most of the people were being carried off to Babylon for exile and captivity. But, Jeremiah was granted the privilege of purchasing property in a nation under seige. Furthermore, there was no guarantee that Jeremiah would get to keep and possess the land with the Babylonians coming against the Southern Kingdom as they were.

So Jeremiah prays and says “Lord you are so awesome, so amazing and wonderful, but surely you know the entire nation is going into captivity yet you had me go and buy a piece of land?” (My paraphrase)

God’s reply, “Behold (look here I want you to see this) I am the Lord God of everyone and everything – is anything too hard me?” (my paraphrase)

Is anything too hard for God. If He places a dream in your heart, can He not fulfill it?

Yesterday morning as Scott and I prayed together I confessed to God we wanted this dream only if it was His dream because our dream doesn’t work without Him. It was near lunch time that I was reading Jeremiah 32. And when I was leaving Chik-fil-a Scott called to ask me about where we were going to put all the people! Confirmation, confirmation, confirmation.

I was rehearsing the ranch in my mind all the way home and getting a bit overwhelmed. So last night at church we went to a class on hearing God and I heard Him say, “Stop trying so hard. I got you. You’re mine.”

We are the sheep of His pasture and nothing is too hard for Him. Has God given you a dream in your heart that you long to fulfill? Please share one paragraph in the comments and tell us about your dream.

One thought on “Is Anything Too Hard For God?

  1. Michelle,
    I needed to hear the passage from Jeremiah! You have no idea~ actually, yes.. I think you do.. It will be 13 years that my husband was brought into my life. A series of unmistakable events and STRONG pulling to drive past a house and look, or go to a friend’s house (where I first saw Jason) , and the VOICE! that said so clearly in my ear that our marriage (what?? I was 19 and that was NOT a rational thought popping in my head *anyways*) would be “Hard, *pause* but Good”.. I have been blessed to have had clear (at the time) insight of our path together but I am such an unfaithful child that keeps wanting to hear it more, see more… perhaps without listening more, and submitting more. I could go on and tell you the trials and the miracles. I would love to hear yours. Gives me hope again. Please God, I pray that our dreams that you have planted in our hearts will bear fruit in due time. Lord, my it be Your will that we have eyes to see and ears to hear the good, and a heart more like Jesus every day. In the name of our loving Savior, Amen.

    Thanks for letting me ramble, Michelle. (Do you know your name means God’s promise?)

    A Siesta,

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