Okay, I’m crying…

Here is the deal:

I really have been having to surrender this dream to God and surrender to the time it will take to work through the process…


You might ask, and rightly so.

Well, because I’ve prayed for years and months… and did I say Years? Years for God to make me into the wife He created me to be and for Scott to grow into the man He created Him to be. After so much time, and coming to the end of myself. FINALLY. I have had to deal with the fact that some things are not going to happen on my time table. GRRR!

I am, in my flesh, an instant gratification kind of girl and let me tell you – I want to jump start this thing and get moving on it. But, God is working patience on me in every way and I am learning to enjoy the journey. Learning.

And what does God do?

He gives me a glimpse of His glory in that man of mine tonight. Saturday, I wrote out the first lesson in an hour. I had studied several hours a couple of days this past week sorting it out God just finished it up for me nice and tidy on Saturday night around 11:30 PM. So, when Scott came to bed I unloaded the download on him in a big way. I felt like I might explode.

Scott listened, he asked questions and seemed to engage the entire conversation. All this while we were both tired and awaiting an early riser call from the alarm clock for church the next morning.

So tonight as he was climbing into bed, I pulled out my notebook and said can I share a few things from my notes with you. He said, “Yes.”

I almost didn’t because I thought I was pushing the envelope and his patience. But, he assured me he wanted to hear what I wanted to share. He listened and when I finished he said, “Baby, that was really good.”

I could hardly believe my ears. God is so good, and so is my husband. And He’s growing us up every single day! I love both of them so very much.

(The signature says its from both of us, but this one is really just from me… :o))

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