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Would you help me? Please pray and share as the Lord leads you.
I need testimonies or stories of how redemption has worked in your marriage. The following Four areas are the Segments in which we will talk about “REDEEM” – 1.) Covenant, 2.) Time, 3.) Tears, 4.) Harvest.

How has God worked redemption in any of these four areas in your marriage? For instance, has there been a time when you believed that nothing good could come of your experience because it was so painful and ugly but then God totally redeemed the experience and used it to bring healing, restoration and even better His glory to the situation?

By submitting a comment you are agreeing to allow me to use your testimony – if you would prefer to submit it anonymously I would welcome that – and would be willing to protect your identity.

Please make sure you have your spouse’s permission and input before you share your testimony.

Thank you in advance.

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