Brittany on "My Job Description"

The aforementioned Job Description in the title is actually something similar to what my father once wrote about my mother on a loan application. (He was a bit witty and on the funny side with it, but he really saw her job as a Stay-At-Home-Mom this way…)

So last night my Britt wrote on my wall at Facebook about “My Job Description.”

Oh, and I probably could add “Private Investigator.” I won’t say what I find, but it is very interesting how the instincts of motherhood tend to lead us right into the truth – well, shall I say instincts and prayer… Without God, I’d be done. Stick a fork in me! :o)

2 thoughts on “Brittany on "My Job Description"

  1. Love the description! I guess mine would have to change boy repellent to girl repellent.

    Keeping the girls away from my tall, sweet, handsome son is definitely a point of prayer!

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