Please go HERE. Read this article and watch the included video. Then come back and finish the post… It’s worth it – I promise!
Many of you may have heard about this woman and her story on the news this week. She walked out looking a bit like a frumpier Edith Bunker… even bumbled through the intro in a very Edith sort of fashion. But then she opened her mouth and those pipes even left Simon Cowell speechless. He was blown away.
He can pretend he knew something great was coming all he wants to, but the truth is those raised eyebrows said it all! I am all about it when that cynical, sometimes mean-spirited and hard-nosed man gets his socks knocked off and his pants taken in a notch or two. BRAVO!
But mostly I’m writing because a few weeks ago I heard a message by Marilyn Hickey who said that when we do the exceptional God will do the extraordinary. HERE’S Proof.
Did you read that? She is an unemployed church volunteer. She has never been married, on a date or even been kissed. She went on the show to fulfill her mother’s dying wish that she do something with her life. This woman took an extraordinary step by walking out on the stage knowing people might ridicule and laugh at her. She put herself up to scrutiny in pursuit of her dream. And, today… because she made an exceptional decision – she has the chance to live her extraordinary dream. Early reports by news magazines say Simon Cowell may already be working a deal with her and she is a favorite to win “Britain’s Got Talent.”
I have another friend who just signed another book contract with Summerside. She writes inspirational, historical fiction. She became a published author late in life, but offers her expertise to others by mentoring up and coming writers in her home weekly. She is a gem and a doll and her name is Lena Nelson Dooley. She is my friend, my mentor and someone who inspires me to continue to dream and trust God for the timing. I Love You, Lena.
So what’s Your Dream? (I know that is a line from a movie…My daughter just told me it’s from the beginning of “Pretty Woman”… [chagrin] The man in the rainbow beret walking up Hollywood Blvd. asking “What’s Your Dream? Everyone comes to Hollywood with a dream… So, What’s Your Dream?”)

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  1. Michelle,

    Love you blog. Here are my two comments.

    I was also in awe and had tears in my eyes over the woman that everyone made fun of and couldn’t see beyond the outward appearance. What a voice. It truly makes me stop to think have I slighted someone because of first impression?

    Secondly, I agree with you, Lena is a gem, a Godly woman with a wonderful calling. She has been a special friend to me. The selfless sacrifice each week of opening her home to me and others that attend her critique, is a blessing beyond measure.
    Keep up the good work, Michelle.

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