Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

Since we are running a ranch theme… I thought I’d share this commercial. This is currently running as a commercial for Jack-in-the-Box and it makes me laugh every single time! I have not tried nor do I recommend the Mini Sirloin Burgers, but if you need a good laugh – I recommend the commercial. My husband just laughs at me when it comes on… I giggle so hard!

“Way out west (way out west),

this story’s told, (this story’s told),
’bout a bunch of cowboys,
tiny and bold (tiny and bold).
Riding tall (riding tall),
tall in the saddle,
herding cows the size of schnauzers,
but their cattle.
Yippee-i-ay mini sirloin burgers,
yippee-i-o mini sirloin burgers,
yippee-i-ay mini sirloin burgers, YAH!”
We do love us a good commercial! Enjoy!

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