Planting seeds for change…

I’m asking for change…

Whatever you think of what’s happening in Washington – your voice needs to be heard. I am proposing a letter writing/phone call campaign that tells Washington to stop the machine now! More than one letter, but a whole host of letters sent regularly, often and written from the hearts of those of us who sit in our homes every single night praying for change, hoping for our nation’s recognition of God as the ultimate solution to our national crisis… and so on.

I’m asking you to write from your heart weekly, monthly or at the least regularly… I’m sending the same one each time to your congressman/woman and senators as well as the President and any other Government you feel inclined to write to… Let them know you appreciate their service, ask for what you desire to see happen and then commit to pray for them regularly and often while they serve.

If we are going to see change, we are going to have ask for it – be specific and refuse to stop asking until the change comes. Ask God first, let Him show you what to write about and do as He tells you. I know not everyone feels so called or will be called. No one in Washington is serving our interests – no one is doing what is right. They’ve compromised at our expense. If we want America back – we’re going to have to take a stand.

Nancy Pelosi said the “TEA Parties” yesterday were not grassroots, that they were “ASTROTURF.” Send your seeds for change to Washington.

300,000 people expressed outrage to the tax and spend quality of washington that has existed for at least the last two decades yesterday and it has been dismissed. It must be expressed openly, respectfully and regularly for it to become an issue that they will pay attention to – that they will hear!

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  1. Amen sisters! Christians definitely NEED to ACT NOW! I made a similar suggestion in the latest post on my manna blog. 😉

    Here is a website with helpful hints for writing to your elected officials:

    This site has a tool for locating the names and addresses of your officials:

    Just copy and paste the web-addresses.
    Great post! May God bless you and yours!

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