Oh Where, Oh Where have all the bloggers gone…

To the tune of “Oh Where, Oh Where has my little dog gone…”

Oh Where, Oh Where have all the bloggers gone?

Oh Where, Oh Where could they be….

I miss you guys. I will spend some time making the rounds tomorrow. But, if you do stop by chime on in and let me know what you are up to! Love you guys…

10 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where have all the bloggers gone…

  1. Hey Michelle,

    Just been busy, you know how that goes.

    Hope you’re having a great week, and I pray a blessed weekend.

    How ARE YOU DOING? Drop me a line when ya get a chance♥

  2. Found you from Julie at Jewelsightings today. I’m always in and out depending on the week. The more I write myself, the less time I have to visit. And the more bloggers I know the harder it is to visit them all in one day. I can’t. But I trust God sends each of us to who we need to say hi to, when we need to. There’s where rest comes in. Otherwise, I’d go crazy and feel pressured instead of joy as we extend our hearts to one another.

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Snicker, arf, woof, bark, howwl!

    We’re still here, still lovin’ your blog!

    I ditto: Livin’ life, Lovin’ God!

    Life has been good and VERY full IRL.

    I have been blessed, praying YOU have been too!

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