Learning What We Live…

Please visit PastorBob’s Blog and Pastor Alan’s Blog great posts and lots of insight. Pastor Bob’s post today about “What’s the best super power” and his “140 words or less” post are excellent. Pastor Alan writes about the Kingdom of God and living there in today’s post.

Okay so… now for my post. My daughter, Taylor, has a heart the size of the great state of Texas. Yesterday as I was sharing the current situation regarding the funeral plans for this week she walked out the front door and started making phone calls.

As I prepared enough food to feed a small group of hungry men… One of them being my husband… I noticed she kept going in and out.

She finally came in and said, “Mom, do you think it would be okay if I started asking my friends to give a few dollars to help them out?”

I said, “Sure, honey.”

By the time she was done about three people were agreeing to give something, a family was praying about what they could do and a Pastor had agreed to take up a collection during the mid-week service tonight at their church.

As we finished preparing the meal, she helped me load the car and go deliver it along with our company to comfort the family.

Just before we left the house, I told her someday you are going to be standing in a kitchen surrounded by kids helping you prepare a meal and remember that when people died Momma cooked.

We went to my Aunt’s house last night, prayed together, laughed about old times, cried over the sadness and the difficulty of the circumstances we’re in and encouraged one another with our love. My cousin told me later, “Your girls are a lot like you. I mean, their very… very… warm. And that’s good.”

It blessed my heart to see my daughter taking on the grief of our family’s circumstances and doing something about it. She loves people and wants to help them any way she can… Even if it means humbling herself to ask for help. An Amazing Thing Our God Has Done…

Love you guys.

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