In Brief

The Week In Review:

1. AMAZING WEEK! Take into account the two doctor’s appointments. A last minute change that ran the latter doctor appointment about an hour and a half longer than it should have taken. The screaming woman outside my bedroom window that woke me and alarmed me on Wednesday morning about 3:25 AM and my youngest daughter’s trip to the ER for an ear infection. And the unexpected Construction I encountered on Wednesday morning. All in All… It has been an AMAZING WEEK!

2. I GOT THE JOB! Oh Yes. I am so pumped and excited for this new position – I just don’t think the total reality has set in. God has so blessed me. I have a story to tell but it is not so brief!

3. BRITT is now LICENSED TO DRIVE! :)))) That is beaming in case you can’t tell. She took her road test yesterday and passed with flying colors. I’m so proud that she stuck to it until she was able to master the test. GOOD JOB, Britty-girl.

4. LAUGH! Last night our women’s ministry had a fun night. Kerri Pomarolli – a wonderfully funny comedian who has been on the likes of Jay Leno shared her heart on so many things that had us rolling with laughter almost the entire time. In the end she shared not only her testimony, but the Father’s heart for the women who attended and prayed over the entire gathering with such power and anointing. She blessed us all!

Next Week’s Preview:EUREKA! Live from Arkansas. We will be on Vacation near Bentonville and Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the whole week. Please pray for safe travel and a blessed time for my husband, Megan, Travis and my extended family. Also pray for the girls who are remaining at home and my sis-in-law who is graciously helping them out this week. God is good. We just need to stick close to HIM, right?

Prayer Requests: Please pray for our family as we transition from FULL TIME SAHM to FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL GAL. Obviously there will be adjustments to be made. Also for me to have wisdom and for God to protect my heart and mind during the next few weeks as I transition fully into my new role. Pray protection for my entire family as my new position is in the ministry field (supportive position) and that makes our household a target rich environment. I know you are praying and appreciate so much your always being out there reading, encouraging and ministering to me through your prayers and comments. LOVE YOU!

All this time I have been hearing from God, “Just Trust Me.” And Guess What, I asked Him for His plan. I prayed for His peace about the interviews and the process and I got exactly that! He is so good… AND HE ANSWERS PRAYERS. Even a Year Later… 🙂

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