Live From Arkansas…

Here are few picks I took of the crew in our TimeShare Condo this morning. We are living in the lap of luxury.
Travis on Vacation! Have Laptop will travel.
Between us we brought four laptops.
Jef bought a Network Router last night at Wally World so we can WIFI…

BENNET NOAH! He’s strong-willed and pleasant. A rare combo…:0)
He looks just like his daddy!
Scott and Ben at the front door of the condo!

EVA GRACE! She likes to talk… AND Watch Hanna Montana
She and Ben both have huge vocabularies… HUGE!

Jef and Ben early this AM on the back deck.
Did I mention my brother is not only gifted in computers but in music as well?
No, he was out there playing the guitar while Ben played at his feet.
Very Sweet! Not a great pic but a great memory.
Scott and I, thanks to Megan and her mad camera Skills…
I will post more later. I took more pics but the low battery did not translate into pics!

Hey ALL! I have some fun pics to share after getting a good night’s sleep. Our family: Mom, Dad, Scott, his two children: Megan and Travis, my brother: Jef, and his two kids: Ben and Eva, and I set out from D/FW heading North to Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Things we learned along the way:

1. OnStar is completely useless for turn by turn directions when in Oklahoma… Some VZ wireless cell phones are as well.

2. The Mountains of Arkansas are absolutely beautiful…

3. It’s a long way from there to here…

4. Megan can sleep anywhere! 🙂

5. Travis is quite good with a computer… (We actually learned that after we got here! But alas…)

6. Mom has and earned her back seat driver’s license and she will show it to you. (Dad bought it for her in Alabama last year!)

7. Dad really can’t hear me when I am speaking to him. It’s not an act!

8. Scott driving, Dad navigating and Mom navigating Dad… We drive in circles. 🙂 I ended the day by riding with my brother to Wal-Mart… I love my family!

9. A Map is still the best way to find your path between two points.

10. Eva and Ben are the most fun!

BONUS: Rain on the first day of vacation is not always a bad thing… We are all chilling in the condo! I know you wish you were me!

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