We’re Going to the Chapel…

Sorry, I could not resist. Near the offices where my father rented the condo this week is a chapel in the woods. It reminds me of the song by the Gaithers “The Church in the Wildwood.” Today we are going to visit this sweet little place tucked away up a hill in the woods of Arkansas.

I will post pictures and details of my visit later today. I’m excited this morning. It is cool, overcast and a slight breeze is tickling the tree branches outside just this minute. Dad’s cooking breakfast… I think he loves it. Yesterday he informed us: “You will soon learn that while I cook breakfast and make a pretty big mess – I don’t do dishes.”

To which my brother replied, “In case you didn’t know – we knew that already.”

Again, I love my family. So the babies are watching “BOLT” and Scott is reading – there are three who shall remain nameless who are still shamelessly in bed. REST! Yes, that is what a vacation is about… Rest and Recreation. Ben and Eva have been precious to behold. So sweet and cuddly.

Jef is also perusing his own laptop this morning. After my shower very early this morning I slipped out on the back deck and had my special time with the Lord. I worshipped and bowed and Read Daniel 10. How beautifully those passages spoke to me as I revisited them. I could see Daniel in vivid detail… Humble, grieving over the nation to which he was beholden. Then a certain man appeared to him, one who looked much like the Revelation 1 description of Christ. I’ve read this passage several times in the past, but never quite the way I did today. I want to chew on it a while before I post about it. Maybe tonight.

Have a blessed day!

One thought on “We’re Going to the Chapel…

  1. What a LOVELY and very special morning!! Sounds beautiful there! Can’t wait to see the pictures … and to hear about your time with Daniel!

    I was just reading with my morning study that “isolation” is one of the characteristics for seekiing specific vision and direction from God … so important that Jesus practiced it regularly. This place sounds PERFECT!

    Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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