So, I’m the newbie at the office. First day in the office as Pastor Angie’s Assistant… I met several wonderful, smiling faces today – and ran into a few familiar ones as well. It was an exciting day – half of it anyway. Highlight… The Key Fob (I feel so official) and the people! 🙂

The other half – well, let’s just say being shocked and pinned and needled is no fun at all. I had an EMG today. The results – Negative for nerve damage. Looks like my MRI came back better than expected. I’ll get the official results on Thursday.

How’s life with you? Obviously I’m in a season of Newness… What about you?

Well, I’m off to bed… If you are reading my blog then check out tomorrow. She is a fabulous woman of God who is jumping in the blog pool with both feet! Love you guys.

One thought on “Newness!

  1. Hey Michelle! Congrats on your new job! And congrats that the tests are coming out negative so far! (it is good, isn’t it?) I hope you can figure all this out. Love ya, girl! <3

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