Life in the Church Lane

As I eluded to in my last post, I began my position as Pastor Angie’s new assistant this week. Working in a church creates an interesting mix of business and ministry. I’ve been here before on a much smaller scale. As in… I had three or four extensions to keep up with max and three pastors and one Secretary besides me…

Fast Forward! Today, I am responsible to one pastor, but working among many. I’ve seen so many my head is swimming. Training is going slow because we have meetings where everyone is getting to know the “New Kid on the Block” and well, they’re graciously bringing me up to speed. Today felt like we accomplished so very, very much – We marked one thing off of our to-do list for the last three days (we had six originally and added three today). Well, save the meetings mind you.

Does it sound like I am complaining? I’m sorry… Because the best part is while it seems like vital things are moving slowly – I’m so excited because I’m learning so much. I love it. I’m beginning to understand the dynamics of the team I am working with, and I have a feeling Thursday I will surely begin to grasp the way our team fits in with the other teams in our department.

I’m fascinated, excited and honestly overwhelmed in a really good way by it all!

So… If you don’t see much of me for the next week or so it is because I am learning to do my job… Which is more than a job. It is really something I’m eager to learn and learning to Love! I love my boss and her sweet assistant who is leaving us already.

Ever feel like the slowest car on the freeway? Well, I’m in that huge machine barrelling by you just about now. Nothing slow moving about this place! It’s a blast.

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