Winter Wonderland 2010

What is better than two inches of snow in December…?
Twelve inches of snow in February!
Snow in Texas represents something of a miracle to those of us who typically find that ice storms are the winter norm. I mean what is the bitter cold worth if you can’t build a snowman or enjoy a cup of cocoa while watching the mounds of snow nestled in the trees cascade to the ground?

But, with the snow come perils. The news this morning reported thousands of people enduring without power, and fires burning where firemen were struggling in the snow to fight the flames. One report showed a woman slowing working her truck backing out of her drive. She was headed
to her son’s house because she could not get into her own upon her return home to something near a foot of snow!

Add to that the inexperienced driving or at least attempting to drive in snow, slush and ice. It creates a nasty mess where cars are damaged, people are injured and life comes to a creeping pace. Still… Does that discount the beautiful moments and memories that can be born in such snow storm?

Daddy calls it snuggling weather.

Throw on the extra blankets, a fire in the fireplace and candlelight in the darkness with one you love could make for a very romantic evening.

Not to mention board games with the family, snowmen in the yard and watching our 2 1/2 ft. tall dog run around in the twelve inches of snow in the backyard. Just take a moment to consider how beautiful it is.

Yes, it may throw a kink in my plans. At times it may force me to slow down and take life at an observant pace… But, in truth – the snow this week is a gift.

A beautiful gift that to me reveals the wonder and perspective of our creative God.

I’ll take it. Just look at the sun rising over our house this morning…

I felt His pleasure in my rejoicing over the beautiful picture
only my God can paint. Only God paints like that…
Vivid, tangible and utterly real.

Would you join me as I sit back and take a
moment to just enoy the view?

Live from the snow blanket Deep In The Heart of Texas…

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  1. This is a very thoughtful post! Thank you for sharing. I am enjoying the snow day, too! I have 1 picture up from last night, but will try to get more up today. Yours are beautiful!!!

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