The Details

God is in the details you know.
He knit us together in our mother’s womb. He fashioned and created us uniquely just the way we are with our particular gift and strength sets. He has given us a destiny and a purpose that is just our own – no one else is destined to live the life set before me.
And, if that were not enough…
He deposited a piece of Himself, a reflection of His Image, that only I in fulfilling His plan and purpose for me can display. Then, He sent His son to die for me on a cross because He knew that I like all the other human beings who came before, and will come after me… That I would fall into the patterns of sinful flesh behavior that comes from the knowledge of good and evil. I was born dead spiritually, so His son died physically that I may live physically, spiritually and soulfully in this life He has blessed me with. Abundantly.
A few Scriptures & Passages that speak to me today:
Isaiah 61
Jeremiah 1:5
Psalm 139
Genesis 2-3
Around the office, we believe that Freedom is about living out of the identity, the person, that God created and redeemed you to be.
Who is is speaking to you that you are today? Go live it.

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