Prophetic Paintings

Our Family Tree… Each Root is our generational Inheritance of Faith, each branch the legacy we are passing forward through our children.  Each Branch bears unique and different fruit, but we are all the same tree.
The next Painting represents the words spoken over us from Isaiah 61 and how He has given us a destiny that includes both of us operating strongly in a gift of healing.

This painting with the shield and sword represents Scott’s Presbytery when he was called out as a rescuer of those in bondage, a Warrior in the line of David who has a shepherd’s heart.  He also has a prophetic gift, God said specifically that He is a SEER. It was such a blessing to hear the strength and the destiny that the presbyters called out over my husband.

The gold painting is the beautiful Psalm 133 that speaks of the anointing for Unity that commands a Throne Room blessing that was called out over us in Presbytery. It speaks of us just dripping in an anointing of UNITY.  AMEN.

Finally… My paintings… Jeremiah 33:3 covers a row of Wild Flowers that represent different aspects of my gifting and what God says about me. Spiritual Decorator, Healer and Restorer, Treasure, Chain Breaker, Dancer, Worshipper… He is faithful to speak, I’m learning to recognize His voice.  It is so sweet to see His Words in vivid images. The second is a picture of me dancing with my ABBA Daddy in the harvest.  He is mighty to save and quiets me with His love.  It was a year ago this month that I first saw the picture of Him dancing over me in His love.  Yes, I’m always safe in the arms of my Father God.

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