Return to Intimacy: Off to Class

If you are reading today, please offer up a prayer on our behalf. Our second group meeting is today at Noon.

Some of the things I am thinking about this morning are how scary it is to go into group discussion with Scott.  He typically doesn’t like to talk about personal issues even when we are alone, and well…In a group full of almost strangers, Forget it.

So, I’m a little unsettled.  I’m also mulling over what we learned during our explosive, emotional episode after last week’s meeting. I must admit I am not sure we resolved anything – even though I feel like I’ve released the issues that it drew up in my heart.  I guess time and our working through this together will tell.

I guess this week as I go in I’m cautiously optimistic.  I’ll be back soon to share insights and issues raised in this week’s session.  Lord, open the eyes of our hearts.  Allow us to see each other as you see us. Give us a word and revelation about the next step in our journey and most of all open our hearts and fill us with your love toward one another.

In Jesus name…

One thought on “Return to Intimacy: Off to Class

  1. Michelle, I am riveted as I read your story. Not because it is so extraordinary (many find themselves in this condition), but because you are brave enough to put it out there for God to do something – life/love/God/us. Yours is the story of salvation – God working in and through our sorry selves to stand us back on our feet so we can live this life the way He planned all along. I LOVE the name of your blog – Our Restoration Ranch. It’s what He does best when we let Him. Prophetic girl! You go! You and Scott are letting Him do His thing based on what I’ve read. (Even if it is after some handled on the cross feet stomping). Looking forward to your restored look!

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