Painfully aware of how behind I am…

I will post you a devotion shortly! I am inside of 24 hours of leaving for San Antonio and I cannot wait. However, I also know that I have been thinking of my J-Bird…. He is celebrating his third anniversary in heaven this weekend and I just love him so so much.

God has been so faithful, so wonderful and this year I have experienced the Joy of the Lord returning in my life. It wasn’t an easy thing to discover – it took two years of hard grief work and at times choosing joy even when I didn’t really feel that joyful in my heart.

God is faithful, ladies and He is good – He will bless you beyond measure in every way if you trust in Him and surrender your wounded heart to His tender care.

Last Friday, on the anniversary of his accident, I was with my girlfriends from Life Group when I asked God to show me where He was that night three years ago.

He showed me three things:

1. Him holding my arms up as we praised Him for delivering Justin through his surgery that night.

2. Tenderly caring for my son while I went to get some sleep in preparation for the long hours of waiting that would come over eight days. He was indeed preparing him to go home.

3. In the hearts of all the people, the nurses and doctors as well as our family and friends who came out in droves to take care of us, pray for us and walk with us through that very difficult time.

Saturday, I will be getting ready for a P J Party at the hotel when the hour comes that my son finally made his journey home. God is good, is He not! Hold onto Him dear sisters, with everything you have got!

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