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This is the header from my WordPress Digs… “The Because I Love You” blog ended up being the place where I would cut my teeth writing and meet all sorts of friends near and far away.

I’ve been in a season of change the days. A season that has led me to this moment when I write about merging and moving my blog(s) [All Three Of Them] from Blogger to WordPress.

Bittersweet? Nah… I find the WordPress tools more versatile and admit I still have much to learn. I’m excited to be transitioning. It is a bit like physically moving. Cleaning out my closet–so to speak– IMAGINE. After all this time I’m moving forward.

So, in the future if you would like to find me, please log onto I will be removing my posts after I get everything up and running in my new digs!

Join me there and lets continue this journey together! The new blog has a new title – all the old titles can be found there, but the difference is… 🙂 … The new title represents this new season of my life: “Redeemed… Restored… Released | One Woman’s Story of Living Free”

Love you all and thanks for following along… You know I do!

For those who are new to my writing–First, Welcome! Hang in there and keep checking back I am “cleaning out the closets of my blogs…” The best is yet to come!

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