Tony Dungy – A Man of Quiet Strength

Shawn Keith from Athletes in Action left me a comment on last Thursday’s post with a link to a website produced by AIA called BEYOND THE ULTIMATE. If you use the link, you will find several videos produced by AIA of Coach Dungy’s speeches. You will find that Coach Dungy is a man of strong faith and quiet strength, a man to be respected and admired and a man who has seen God do mighty things both in victory and pain.
To learn more about Coach Dungy check out Beyond the Ultimate or read his book(written with Nathan Whitaker), “Quiet Strength” published by Tyndale House. When I heard the quote included in my previous post,
I have included one of the three videos at Beyond the Ultimate here in this post. Please check out Beyond the Ultimate and Athletes in Action – they are worth the consideration and your time.
The following video includes much of what I quoted in my last post:

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