It doesn’t depend on me…

So grateful to have been humbly reminded of this very truth tonight. Today was a busy, press the keys on your computer, run to a meeting, press them again… Make a phone call… Clean up a mess… Get a few nuggets from the pastor and then press at it again.

A few things happened that brightened my day…

1. Someone said, “You’re doing a great job, Michelle. We’re so glad you’re here.” This came following my statement: “I really don’t know anything… I don’t have the pieces, but…”

2.  Ps. Rebecca taught the Freedom Class tonight… KUDOS RW BTW… We were both going to be at the class tonight and both in the office late.  After a sun-shining, beautiful day the bottom fell out of some rain clouds… Which reminds me of another wonderful thing that happened. I mean the bottom really fell out. THE. BOTTOM. REALLY. FELL. OUT. Complete with intense wind, buckets, poodles, kitchen sinks and cats falling out of the sky raining. RW did not want to teach the class shivering and dripping wet so she borrowed an umbrella which turned out to be broken.  I heard her leave and then at the door it sounded like the umbrella and the door collided.  A few minutes later RW was back with an inside out umbrella.

Turns out the umbrella was broken and the wind sent it into praise position as soon as she popped it open.  We rolled a bit with laughter before she found a way to pull the broken side down over her head and let the good side of the umbrella shield most of her from the rain.

I, on the other hand, could not find an umbrella so Pauline and I made me a rain slicker out of a large trash bag and I held a small trash bag over my head like a rain bonnet. Pauline said, as she tried to unfurl and tuck me into my bag “It’s times like this you wish you had a video camera, we could win some money, Michelle.” INDEED. Good stuff.

3. ALAN’S NUGGETS OF WISDOM FROM ISRAEL… Alan told me three things… I want to tell you one since the rain made me think of it. The rain is a manifestation of the cloud.  Think of that for a minute. Jesus was the manifestation of the Glory Cloud that hovered over Israel… The SHEKINAH Glory of God.  HMMMM. on that a bit.

4. Prayer at the end of class just flowed so beautifully in the Spirit. He touched people – really touched them. A few who came and went… I prayed and got a glimpse of people from God’s perspective tonight and it felt electric. A deeply moving time that brought sweet tears on the drive home as Tim Shepherd’s voice belted out worship in my car on the way.

5. The funniest video on Facebook posted by my friend Amy from high school and then Tennessee (in that order) that I may have seen in a while. “REAL WATER BED” had me laughing hysterically. It should be on my wall – somewhere. HYSTERICAL, YA’LL.

Okay, I needed to go to bed an hour ago.  Love ya’ll. :)

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