Oil of Gladness

In my last post, some two months ago I shared Psalm 126 – and how God had filled our mouths with laughter and we were glad. Well, as Paul Harvey would say, for the rest of the story.

Two days ago I received prayer during our department meeting. Three of our pastors lay hands on the members of our department and prayed for impartation. When they prayed for me they prayed several things, but one of them was for me to receive the Oil of Gladness and laughter from God. I prayed in the Spirit as they prayed for my friend next to me and waited my turn. I began to feel this swelling, like a bubble coming up in the middle of my body. Not that feeling you get when you’re experiencing indigestion, but that feeling you get when God is about to do something.

My turn comes, and Bob and Tommy lay hands on me. Bob touches my hands and asks for the Oil of Gladness, and Tommy lays hands on my back and it “feels” like he’s laughing, but I really can’t tell. Before I know it I feel these bursts of laughter rising up in me… Hovering just below the surface. Then Bob put his hands over my ears and said, “And just as I prayed for _____________ that he would “know” things, I pray that Michelle would stop knowing things.” I laughed. My mind is always working, searching, moving, strategizing, arranging, connecting, and working – did I say that already – oh yeah, working. :)I’ve been heard to say, “I feel like my head is going to explode.”

I agreed… “That is good.”

He then asked the Lord to increase the way I hear and see. And that is when it happened. The laughter that had been culling around under the surface slipped out – giggly, fun, releasing laughter. It didn’t last but a few minutes, but I couldn’t stop it if I tried. I felt lighter, easier, and even a bit like a little girl feels in the silliness of play. Something new. Very real. Received.

We had meetings the rest of the day after this moment. I prayed, “Lord, please don’t let me fall out in the floor laughing – please let me wait until I get home.”

Well, God answered my prayer and I made it through the afternoon without falling out laughing. Later that evening, though, Brittany, Scott and I were watching a television show and Brittany said something worth a snicker, but I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. And laughed. And laughed. And laughed. At first Brittany just said, “It wasn’t that funny.” But then she said, “What is wrong with you?” As she broke out in laughter of her own.

All I could get out between gasps of laughter, “I knew this was going to happen.”

The laughter subsided almost as quickly as it came on. We watched our television shows and then went to bed. I switched the television on Daystar in our bedroom to watch something beneficial as I settled my mind down. The program offered a Scripture: Mark 11:23. I took notes from what the man was saying so I could pray over them and went to share them with my oldest daughter as I believed it was a word for my whole family.

She logged into SKYPE after I shared my word with her and she agreed to consider it. Then I kept reading and re-reading Mark 11:22-24 and I began to cry over the realization that I had allowed doubt to distract me from believing God fully for the things I have asked Him for and I’ve allowed doubt to often times steal our blessing. I began to repent – which continued the next morning as I prayed with Scott.

As Brittany began to talk to her boyfriend and his friend Stephen on SKYPE I felt laughter bubbling up inside of me again. I started laughing and heaving with giggles and snorts, and sputters of air. I couldn’t stop it. I heard Michael say, “What is she laughing about?”

Brittany said, “Oh yeah. They prayed for her to laugh at work today and she is just laughing.”

This went on for a good 15 minutes, and subsided. I confessed, exhausted by my laughter, that I had really come out because I was afraid I would wake Scott if I started laughing again. I headed off to bed and commented, “If you hear me laughing, just turn up the television.”

Indeed the Lord has truly filled my mouth and my heart with laughter and joy, and I am very glad.

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