A Message from the Owner

I had been preparing a post about Milestones and Holidays to get up last Thursday and then life spun off into orbit and I am just now settling back down.

It is crazy how time flies now that my husand is away.

I will suspend the Thought Filled Thursdays post until December. That is when things slow down for me and I will have some time to think.

There will still be posts and various opportunities to share in the days ahead, but just not to the same degree that we have been pressing forward these last few months. I’m not giving up on you, please do not give up on me. I love you all so much – to pieces really.

Please write to me and tell what you struggle most with in your grief or your personal journey. I want to help you and to pray for you. Please write and share with me. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving an email. Click on my picture or my name in the Sidebar and email me a message. I will be back as time permits to write to you from my heart. God is doing good things ladies… let us rejoice today and be glad in Him.

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