Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Okay… So I keep reading the “Yahoo Headlines…” And, it just makes me realize how lucky I am to serve such an amazing God. No… I still have not written a post about “Shophet – Judge” the name of our God for last week, but I also am swimming in a sea of mixed emotions.

I miss my husband like crazy. I’m managing a ministry, our household, the schedule of one very busy teenager and coaxing another college aged teen to get her life in gear. I’m not having a pity party… I’m really not. I’m just so blasted busy I don’t know what to do with myself. But… I would classify myself as cheerful, happy and remotely pleased with my life thus far.

The Yahoo headline today said, “Voters Anxiety Increasing: In one month the percentage of people who say they’re happy has dropped significantly.”

Dare I say it? That if your happiness depends on whether or not the stock market is doing well or the 401k is flourishing… while those things are important to our daily living, they do not end my world… AND if you are blaming the government for the mess we are in… LOOK OUT PEOPLE! Who elected “the government?” Oh, and there is this little problem of global terrorism that reared its viscious head about seven years ago within our own borders and the ensuing military action that almost everyone in Washington DC supported and voted for at one point of time or another… Even if they deny it today. I think an apathetic vote of “PRESENT” would qualify as a vote in favor.

Would we be better off if President Bush would have left Iraq alone? Would we be any closer to catching Osama Bin Laden had we not gone into Iraq? Would our financial state be any better than it is today? Have we forgotten what 9/11 did to us emotionally, mentally, and physically as a nation? Has the “Wake Up Call” worn off?

AND… Do we really think either Senator running for President has “all the answers?” My question must be which one has the answers that most match my values and my beliefs about what needs to happen in this country.

I don’t believe we need “BIGGER” government nor do I believe giving them more of our hard earned money in taxes would solve our financial issues as individuals or a nation. I don’t believe the politicians in Washington earn the salary they have been afforded these past 20 years that I have been an adult. They deserve a pay cut like many Americans are having to take as a result of the financial crisis. They should have to live as we do… not getting rich off of our misery. The cutting should start in Washington DC.

But, that is not really the issue either. The issue is this country has lost sight of what it means to be loyal and patriotic. In countries like Iran and North Korea or China you would be executed for treason for speaking of their leadership the way we speak of our President daily in the news and at the kitchen table. I believe that Presidents who have abused their power in office either by being criminally or morally negligent in their behavior have done much to debase and destroy the idea that we respect the office regardless of who holds it.

Now, what does that mean for me… If Senator Barack Obama becomes President, regardless of how I feel about him as a man I must surrender those feelings and respect the office of President even if I disagree with him. What does that look like?

Can I humble myself enough to do that?

You see, I believe that God is going to give this nation the President the majority of its people have cried out for these last few years. Not the “best man” for the job persay, but instead the man that we’ve asked for… Which man do you believe our nation has been asking for as a whole?

Remember when the nation of Israel cried out for a king. God wanted them to embrace Him as their King, but they rejected Him and so He gave them Saul. The tall guy cowering behind the luggage when Samuel came to anoint and call him to be the king of God’s chosen nation. Yep, that guy. Saul. And what happened with Saul… Let’s just say he got the big head and then he lost his completely. No more Saul.

Beyond that, I believe that the current financial, political and security crises we are facing as a nation and in the global community are part of the escalation of events that have been building up for a couple thousand years now. The environment and the atmosphere is being prepared for the advent of the Anti-Christ and the apocolyptic events that precede and identify the period of Christ’s eminent return. Satan is stirring and planning and scheming and for decades this country has been selling our souls to him.

When will we learn we can’t worship and love God on the weekends and live like it depends on us every other day of the week? We don’t need a “Part Time” God and He does not desire a “Part Time” relationship with us. Unless we as a nation depend on Him for EVERYTHING we are not going to survive these things coming against us. He will not contend with the spirit of man forever – His word says that. He does not compete… He is the key to victory in every area – and I for one am asking Him what we should do.

I will try to get that post up about Shophet this week. I’m going out of town this weekend and have evening commitments three nights this week. Please pray for me. I love ya’ll to pieces… Please Please Please cry out to God for favor, mercy and blessing in the coming weeks. Whoever becomes President, I pray they come to God in repentance and in humility so that they can lead this nation into a season of revival, prosperity and truth. To a man, that is what we all should be seeking.

Bless Ya’ll.

I’m participating in a prayer vigil through my church with prayer directives daily through the election: visit them at http://www.prayer2008elections.blogspot.com/. I am also still standing with Dr. Richard Land’s 40/40 Prayer Vigil that began some weeks ago.

Also, got to this website to hear a resounding version of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Lord God, Pour out your mercy on us. Restore to us Your favor and Your blessing once more. We need You Lord, We are Your people crying out to You in desparation. In the name of Your Son who came to save us, Jesus Christ, AMEN.

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