Heart to Heart Connections

I promised to deliver the word about a blessing that is coming and it is beginning to arrive.
My friend, GratefulinGA, has agreed to share with us here at Heart to Heart so you will be reading about her daughter Lauren and her journey through the valley of the shadow of death here as the days move ahead.
Please read about her grief journey and her precious girl, Lauren, in her first post: big time glue. Be sure to leave her a comment by way of welcome and join us by sharing with us about your children as you read along.
Many blessing to all and a great big praise to our Great God for bringing in the sheaves.
Much love to you all, and especially to our new friend.
Dearest Lord and Father,
I pray you would wrap your arms around each woman who comes here to read, to share her story and to grow in grace and healing along the way. My prayer is especially for our friend in Georgia, Lauren’s mom. Thank you for sending her to join us in our heart to heart journey. I pray we all find a heart connection with one another, Lord, but most of all with YOU. You are our hope, our strength and our strong. The joy of our lives and the promise of the future. Thank you for your faithfulness and testimonies that declare You so. I am honored and blessed to bear witness to Your mercy and grace in the lives of others every day. Bless them all Lord, Bless them indeed.
In Jesus’ sweet and precious name I pray. Amen.

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  1. Thank you for creating this site. My nephew passed away in June and I plan to share this blog with his parents, who are still grieving his loss. You can learn of their story here:www.babymckallister.blogspot.com

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