Prayer Requests

This week I’m asking for many things in prayer:

1.) The group that will begin at my church on 9/17/08. That group is for grieving moms. I have four women who I want to be in prayer for… Please pray for God to be huge, to reveal Himself and be mighty in our midst.

2.) For a young friend of my daughter, Chaz. He is 15 years old and was in a motorcross accident on Saturday. He suffered brain sheering which means that his brain has lost some significant “neuro-pathways” and will have to redevelop new paths for old ways of doing things. He is going to have to have extensive cognitive therapy and will likely have short term memory loss. He is doing better, but seemed to regress a bit yesterday.

3.) Our finances, and a potential job that has been recommended to me. Just for God’s will to be done and for us to be found faithful in whatever He calls us to.

Thanks so much ladies, and much love to you.

Lord God, I pray You show Yourself and Your glory among us. Raise up a generation of faithful stewards and warriors in our stead. We break the assignments of the enemy against the future generations of our children and declare the blood of Jesus over our households, our lives and our families. We command the enemy to go where Jesus would send Him, binding out spirits of fear and assignments of death and destruction in the name of Jesus Christ. You have place all things under His feet and we claim the victory by faith and thank you for the answer to this prayer in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.


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