Prayer Requests

Dear Heart to Heart Friends,

This week I am asking for prayer for our family as my husband left mid-week last week to work in the Gulf Coast area to help restore telephone service there. For reasons I posted about at my personal blog, I am asking for prayer for him, for us and for all affected by the hurricane in South Texas last week.

In addition, please continue to pray for my Wednesday night class at church and the four women who are joining me there. God has put two new women in my path since my first four made a committment, so I am already preparing for the next semester as well as working this – the first one. Pray especially today that I would be able to complete the recorded portion of the lesson for Wednesday night. I am reading an extended portion for a video I am preparing for Wednesday night so pray that this 100th or so take will be the FINAL. ONE. Oh my.

I’m tired, but feeling quite blessed this week. I know the Lord will be faithful in all He has called me to… Anyway. If you feel like it – leave a note about how we can pray for you this week.

Love You, Sweet Heart Friends.


Lord Jesus,

Thank You for the word Tammy brought to us about relationships and friends who will pick up the corners of our mat for us and carry us to Jesus when we cannot carry ourselves. She is just that kind of friend and she encourages us in Your Word in so many ways.

Father God, be with each woman who visits and reads here. Help her to know that You are indeed the Maker of heaven and earth. Nothing is lost on You, no place to remote for You to see and act in You grace and mercy. You are our protector, our keeper and You take care of us. You are always acting on our behalf, and Your Son and Your Spirit interceding always before Your throne for us. We are Your chosen people, Your Beloved, Your Bride. You love us so. Reach down and embrace each one of us Lord in Your everlasting arms. Render Your mercy and mend our broken hearts, ease our sorrows and deliver us from all fear. You Alone are God and You alone are Good. You are working it all to Your Glory God and we are honored to be entrusted with the benediction of Your glory in our suffering.

In Jesus Name I offer this prayer.

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