Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,

Last week slipped into oblivion for me when my husband called and said, “I’m coming home for the weekend!” YIKES! I had so much to do to get ready… what to cook, what to do… Plus the mountain of laundry he brought home to wash.

So, I believe I fell off the proverbial blog-wagon and did not get a post up on Thursday. Please, please forgive me.

Anyway. This week I am asking you to join me in prayer for our nation. We are in desperate and trying times. I have a peace about our circumstances, but I know many do not. So I am asking that God would be huge and intervene to put the man in the office of President who would best accomplish the purposes of God in our nation in the next four or eight years.

I pray that we would have an upheaval in the United States House and Senate that would turn Washington DC on its ear and begin to turn the hearts of the people back to GOD Almighty.

And, I pray that our nation would stop “sending its children into the fire.” Our children are dying and killing one another in the name of freedom. Because we are liberated we are free to forsake the sanctity of life and destroy it if we choose.

I recently watched the trial of an 18 year old young man who killed a friend/aquaintance just for the thrill of it. The boy sat emotionless as the graphic descriptions of his actions were replayed and visualized through pitures throughout the trial. Not one of the young men who had knowledge or participated in this grave act seemed to have an emotion or regret related to it. Stony faced and cold would be the best descriptions I have. The “accomplice” who got a heavy sentence for his testimony was the only young man who expressed shock, horror and disgust at the things he witnessed and participated in. However, his reason for participating is that he just owed a debt and this was how his friend asked him to repay it. If it sounds insane – it is.

But, it has been happening for decades. Gang violence, school shootings, thrill killings and drug enduced mania are all ways this society and culture have driven our children into the fires of this world. They are consumed with violence in a godless culture that requires nothing and tells them that their perception is their reality. Just last night, the news locally reported that a young man was stabbed Saturday night when he went to pull a prank by draping his ex-girlfriend’s trees with toilet paper and ended up being stabbed to death by her current boyfriend. And this was in an upscale, urban neighborhood – a place where drugs have been playing havoc on the children of their community for years. A terrifying thought. One of the parents said the boy decided not to run from the fight that was evidently ensuing but just said let me face this guy not knowing his assailant was carrying a knife.

When will we get the message as a nation that living for ourselves, our own glory and our own rights is not going to get us anything but physical and moral bankruptcy and dead children. It is making me heartsick. Lord, Help Us… We need you now! We need YOU always.

Please pray.

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