Good Night Friends…

So the long weekend has come to an end.

My last four days in review:

  • Thursday-Work, Deep Breath Meeting, Wedding, late to bed. A really amazing day.
  • Friday-Blog, Sonic, Blog, Write Book, Church-Impartation (AWE-some), Dinner out at ANAMIA’s (YUMMY) with the hubster, home by 9:30 blog, twitter, facebooking my way through a movie with hubs and then we watched the ball drop, kissed in the New Year – bed by 2:00 am.
  • Saturday-Up at 6:30 am anticipating the First SIESTA SCRIPTURE MEMORY TEAM post, blog, memorize Isaiah 58:6… “This is the kind of fast day I am after: ….(still can’t get that part), get rid of exploitation in the work place, free the oppressed, cancel debts.”  That part I still can’t get is “break the chains of injustice” – why can’t I remember? Dinner with Mom, Dad, Hubs and the Aunts at COTTON PATCH  (DOUBLE YUM), to my parents to spend the night – oh yeah and I’m working on a surprise for all my blog friends. Oh Yeah! Bed at around 11:30 pm.
  • Up at 6:45 pm. Dress for trip to west Texas to visit family with parents. Breakfast, lunch and dinner — YUMMY. Laughing with Toleda and Angie on the couch at Uncle Mick’s – NAP, NAP, and More NAP. Slept probably half the day. Return home by 9:30 pm – update the blog and off to beddy bye.

Well that is my weekend in review. It’s off to work tomorrow but my BTTB post will be up at midnight. Thanks for jumping in the deep water with me friends. 

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