Blog Through The Bible: January 8-14

How you doing?

A week in who’s still blogging their way through the Word of God?

Reading Plan: Week Two

To get the PDF of the reading plan email me.

Remember first your first post will go up Monday! WOO HOO! Here’s a little video to help you through your first week’s post:

  • You’ll have 24 hours to post your first BTTB Post.
  • If you have a blog, please save a copy of the picture at the top of this post and add it to your BTTB post. You may choose to hyperlink the picture or include a hot-link back to my Monday post. The pingback from your website will show up in my comments. If you don’t have a blog-leave your reflections on the first 21 chapters in a comment on my Monday post.
  • Be sure to visit the others who have blogs and let them know you are joining in!
  • In Your Post/Comment… Try to share at least one Scripture that stands out as KEY in your readings. Share what God highlighted for you, and what He revealed¬† during your time in the Word. Was there anything you’ve never read before? Did He give you a right now Word for your life? That is what the rhema words are all about.
  • Let’s do a roll call. Who’s checking in for the second reading?
  • Be blessed and know I’m praying for you through the week.

I’m so glad we are on this journey together! God is indeed doing a new thing. I’m so glad He is doing it in your life!

One thought on “Blog Through The Bible: January 8-14

  1. During this first week, and I’m already into tomorrow, the thing that keeps jumping out at me, or the Lord keeps putting in front of me, is OBEDIENCE. Even during the worst of times. Even during the best of times. How much do we consciously think about Obeying the Lord? Really, during each day, how many times? I know the answer for me. It’s “not too many”.
    And yet, as you can tell from “my” website, which is all about our “new normal” here at the Fry house, I’ve been more and more focused on Him every day. I decided back in the the bleak hours of the morning of July 11th in the ICU that if the Lord could be glorified from whatEVER He chose to do with my husband’s life, and my life, then this would be ok. Not EASY, never easy. And I lose it at times with the best of them, but I’m trying to be Obedient to Him, and to give HIM the glory for every little thing, both good and not so good. Because it all is HIM.
    I can’t tell you a certain verse that stood out right now, but the disobedience in the Garden, then the subsequent obedience of Abraham, even though he’d sinned again and again, in never once doubting THE LORD WILL PROVIDE (loved that ‘new name’), when told to sacrifice his son Isaac…. WOW. And the Lord was glorified.
    How can I do any less? Obedience.

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