Blog Through The Bible III: Genesis 1-21

GENESIS. The Beginning. God’s creative beginning.  Onward to Chapter Three:

  • Satan was introduced as “the serpent.” More Cunning than the other animals. Why? Because he allowed himself to be used by Satan? HMMMM! No answer for this. God said – Not really important.
  • The snake talked. He talked. I mean it is not everyday that a snake draws up and talks to you unless, of course, you are a Disney character.
  • Now here’s a question: 1) Could all the animals talk and think like the serpent? If yes, not so strange. If NO! WHAT. WAS. EVE. THINKING?

Okay, I’m back. That serpent had access to the Garden, by extension Satan had access to the Garden. Satan used the same temptation He succumbed to to tempt Eve. Be careful, what he’s up to… NOTHING NEW.

Satan never actually TOLD Eve anything. He didn’t have to lie to her. He asked her questions and the conclusions she drew ON. HER. OWN. led her to believe a lie. Now, let’s just hold onto that for a minute.

She lost the battle the moment she agreed with the enemy in her conclusion against God.

This part always gives me pause. ADAM. WAS. WITH. HER. Really?

  • Did he object?
  • Did he try to stop her?
  • Was he also taken in by the snake?

The consequences doled out to Adam indicate his role loomed more than complicit, but instead a willful act of violating God’s boundary by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The awareness of knowledge of good and evil brought no refreshing revelation. It brought shame, hiding and fear – all of which required covering. Anything that is happening in my life that causes shame, fear or hiding should be checked. God or bad – hiding from God is not being submitted to Him as my covering and righteousness.

God still pursued Adam and Eve, even after they sinned. He went looking for them. He even knew they were hiding from Him. He even knew why – He didn’t give up on them.

I chuckle at this next part: When he found them – they told on themselves. “Who told you you were naked?”

They were AFRAID. Fear and shame together never come from agreement with God. The Holy Spirit never condemns.

THREE. WERE. GUILTY. 1) The serpent; 2) Eve; 3) Adam.

ACCUSATION. 1) Satan indirectly accused God of holding out with his question to Eve; 2) Eve accused Satan of deceiving her; 3) Adam accused both Eve and by extension God for his decision… “The woman YOU gave me.” (emphasis mine)

EVERYTHING. WAS. CURSED. Satan. Adam. Eve. The entire earth.

Creation – All of Creation betrayed God that day. All of creation would suffer the consequence.

Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden. Why? PROTECTION. In a fallen state, immortality is the ultimate consequence. SATAN. KNOWS. THAT. Adam and Eve did not.

More tomorrow… Until then.

3 thoughts on “Blog Through The Bible III: Genesis 1-21

  1. Michelle and all you Bible bloggers!!

    I am currently caught up and ahead a little with my readings due to be on call a lot this week and not knowing if I would be available, so I am late on commenting on Genesis 1-21 but am indeed on que with the readings. So here are my thoughts on the first 21 chapters of Genesis. I am the type to collect thoughts carefully before posting. Hope this is helpful it was to me.

    I love how Genesis is the framework of the Bible, it is truly awesome the handiwork of GOD!!!

    On a second note, there is such a repeated cycle of sin and repentance.

    It is truly amazing the description of God breathed life into Adam’s nostrils, beautiful picture of the “breath of life”.

    How the sin of eating from the tree of knowledge produced thorn and thistles for me, again filtered down from generation to generation, I am certainly not exempt form it.

    If you think about it, not only did Adam and Eve hide from God, but we too are naked and hide from God, we, myself included do not like being exposed even though God sees all and knows all. Gen 3:10.

    As a labor nurse, in Gen 3:16, there will be pain with childbirth and how that was an opening the world to all sorrow, pain and illness.

    It was an eye opening to do what is right and how sin is crouching at my door.

    Another thing that struck me is the mating in those times, the incest of brothers and sisters, I do fully understand the population had to come from somewhere, but in the bloodlines, wasn’t there multiple anomalies and just bad physical blood.
    There seems to be a common thread that is filtered down generation to generation. There is power, control, family issues etc, in which some have lead to SIN, deception and so forth. Some of the sinned was redeemed and others just down right evil. It see it in my own life, family, friends, coworkers, leaders of our country and even the church and how often and at times it easily just ropes me into sinning. I am even amazed at the blame game for a persons own sin. I have seen this evident with the shooting of the senator from AZ, how the blame seems to be going in full circle.

    There also is so much promises, bargaining, and bartering between brothers, family etc, fulfill this … and I will give you this…. Some were good and a lot were deceiving. People were corrupt and violent so much like today.

    These are my thoughts my questions that I ran through my head.

    Hope all is well.

    God Bless you all,


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