Blog Through The Bible: Reading Plan Week 3

ROLL CALL! Who’s still with us? Leave a comment. We had several check in on the first week’s Monday post. Alexia, Jesi, Amy and Colleen checked in last week. The fun part is learning what you all received during your reading. Share – let us know what you’re experiencing. IF. YOU. DON’T. HAVE. A. BLOG. LEAVE. IT. IN. A. COMMENT. 🙂

Week Three… Have we really found our way through 42 chapters of Scripture already?

Where has the time gone? You know it passes one day at a time, and we all get the same 24 hours. I’m thinking about how wonderfully pleasant my time with God has been. I think He enjoys it as much as I do. 🙂

This coming week we are closing out the book of Genesis and leaping into the book of Exodus. Are you ready to rejoin Joseph in Egypt and eventually wade into the Nile and pull a basket from the bull rushes?Let’s Go!

Last chance to check in for your Week 1 reading. Please post comments HERE. I’m leaving one more post in this Video Blog! Enjoy!

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