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I DID IT! With the help of Google and God… But, we now have a BUTTON so you can grab the HTML code and drop it in your post so the Button will automatically link people back to my blog! Each week I will post a button at the bottom of my post with the link back directly to that week’s POST.

Isn’t that great! Here’s the BUTTON for your sidebar:

To add this button to your sidebar widget, copy and paste the HTML code into the TEXT/HTML widget application for your blog.

If this button appears to0 large for your sidebar, let me know and I’ll adjust the size (200×146). If your blog template has a size limitation for sidebar widgets let me know what they are and I will custom fit it for your blog!

Thank you to SBA at “Blogging for Success” for her quick tutorial on creating your own Blog Button! Worked like a charm. 🙂

Be blessed and don’t forget to check back Monday as your Blog Through The Bible!

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